What is the toughest thing about being gay?

gayIn a society which considers homosexuality to be an illness, being gay is quite tough already. On top of this, the stigma attached to homosexuality, makes things tougher. There are various sections of the society that compare homosexuality as mere filth and an attempt to corrupt the fragile minds of Gen Z. According to a survey, religion happens to be the number one cause of concern among people belonging to the homosexual community. There are a lot of things that gays come across on a regular basis but some choose to simply ignore it.

The constant pressure of hiding it from people around you: Gays are different from others in a lot of ways. Unfortunately, as people fail to understand your unique likes and dislikes, you’re forced to live a life you don’t really like. Like what other ‘normal’ people do becomes a norm and it takes a lot of effort to come out of the shell. In fact, you’re under the constant pressure of being someone you’re not.

Criticism from family and friends: It is unfortunate that despite all the awareness programs on homosexuality, people fail to understand that you’re a gay not by choice. Homosexuality is linked with changes in brain structure, changes that happen during the course of pregnancy. Gays face a hard time explaining others around them that they haven’t chosen to be a gay. Explaining your significantly different sexual preferences that ‘contradict the laws of nature’ also becomes a pain at times.

Finding a companion: Although things have become a lot easier thanks to the inception of specialist gay dating sites, things were pretty different a few years ago. Whilst homosexuality has found a place for itself in about 15 nations across the globe, including the United States of America, gay marriages continue to be an illegal practice in most countries. As a matter of fact, gay marriages are considered criminal in all the Asian nations.

Dealing with stereotypes: Blame it on movies or someone who might have started it years ago, there is a preconceived notion when someone when the topic of homosexuality comes into picture. Gays often find it difficult to change this image that has become dominant in the society. Gays are not ‘woman in a man’s body’ and this is something gays find it difficult to explain to others.