Gay Men Who Succeeded in Their Career Despite All Odds

successful gay menIf you're under the impression that people belonging to the LGBT community fail to succeed, fearing backlash from the society, you're absolutely wrong. Long before homosexuality was considered acceptable and same sex marriages were decriminalized, a lot of gay men showed the world that their sexual orientation had nothing to do with creativity and success. While they might not have revealed this during the early days of their careers, they eventually came out of the closet accepting who they really are. Here is a list of 5 gay men who succeeded in their careers:

  • Giorgio Armani: The Italian fashion designer is not only well – known for his exquisite collection of men’s wear but has also been featured on the Forbes list of the richest people in the world more than 5 times. Known for his eye for perfection and detailing, this gay went from being a window dresser to creating masterpieces for various Hollywood celebs.
  • Sir Lan McKellen: Popularly referred to ‘Magneto’ of X – Men fame, he is one of the most respects actors in Hollywood. He started off as a theatre artist and moved up the ladder in a steady manner. Besides, he has played a monumental role in support of the LGBT movement in the United Kingdom.
  • Tim Cook: The Chief Operating Officer of Apple Inc. is one of the biggest names in the tech world. He started his journey as a shipyard worker and helped him mother with household chores as well. Before joining Apple on Steve Job’s request in 1998, he worked with other tech giants like IBM and Compaq.
  • Anderson Cooper: Anderson Cooper is one of the very few artists who have been working since they were infants. His success graph has only been on the incline since he was photographed By Diane Arbus for Herper’s Bazaar. Besides, he had also modeled for leading fashion houses like the Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Macy’s as a pre – teen.
  • Ricky Martin: 41 year old Pop star Ricky Martin managed to grab the limelight when he was a child and he hasn’t looked back since then. He started off as a model, featuring in 11 TV commercials ranging from toothpastes to soft drinks. The pop star has 6 Grammy awards and a host of other accolades in his kitty, making him one of the richest artists in the world.

If you were understand the impression that your sexual orientation is proving to be a major hindrance on your journey to unmatched success, you're mistaken. We hope this post inspires you to take your career seriously and propel yourself towards a successful future.