How to tell if someone is straight, gay or bisexual?

gayThe stigma attached with homosexuality has forced a lot of people to conceal their sexual orientation. While things have certainly improved in countries where gay marriages have been legalized, the situation hasn’t improved in other nations where homosexuality is regarded as a crime. If you’re friends with someone and wish to take the relationship to the next level, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to determine his sexual orientation in case he isn’t open about sharing it with you.

In case you have noticed a few traits that have made you suspicious of his sexual orientation, it would be wise to make things clear and there is no better way than to speak with him. There are some basic questions that you can ask him. Whilst there is no scientific theory in support of these questions, they often work.

Does he check out other males in a sexual way?

We all know how people ‘check out’ an attractive individual of the opposite sex. In case you observe him noting other males in sexual male, there are chances he is gay. A lot of the time, they have no idea of what is happen but they do realize that they’re attracted to men. Straight men wouldn’t focus on a person of the same sex for they’re busy looking for hot chicks.

The “Beach Test”

If you’re straight, when you’re checking out people, men are in the way obstructing your line of light. Things are bound to change when the person happens to be a gay. He would find women obstructing his line of sight. On the other hand, bisexuals are content with both as they’re open to dating a person belonging to either sex.


When a man spends most of his time with a woman but does share physical intimacy with a man, he may or may be a homophobic. According to several surveys, gay men tend to be homophobic. Straight men are least likely to show any traits of being homophobic. They are actually open to having gay friends and working with them.


It would make sense to ask him a question pertaining to whom he wants to spend most of his time with. Who does he want to go to dinner with? Who does he want to wake next you the following morning?

  • A gay man would want to do all that with a man
  • A bisexual would be fine with a person of either sex, as long as they share impeccable understanding.
  • A straight guy would want the company of a woman.

The aforementioned questions are nothing less than a litmus test that would give you a clear idea as to whether he is gay, straight or bisexual, for it makes absolutely no sense to get into a relationship with someone without his will.