Older Gay Men Vs Younger Gay Men – What’s the difference?

older younger gay menWith the American government legalizing same sex marriages, people from all age groups and walks of life have come together rejoicing this progressive decision. This has given people the impetus to come out in the open, without having to be ashamed about who they are. Gays, old and young have begun connecting on gay dating sites in search of their potential match. Besides, it goes without saying that there are young gays who look forward to dating older gays and vice versa.

Is it money or experience that gives older gays an edge over their younger counterparts?

There is a common belief that older gays have a great deal of experience, something that the younger lot lacks. However, this isn't true and you might land up with someone who has had absolutely no experience of going down on a guy. Given the fact that gays have different sexual preferences, a person without little or no experience would find it extremely difficult to comprehend what’s happening and how things need to progress.

It has been observed that a lot of older gay men have been in the closet for decades that they have no experience. This is because they belonged to an era where you could lose a job if someone around you had the slightest doubt of you being a gay. In fact, a lot of older gay men actually got married as they had no other way of being accepted by the society. On the other hand, there are a lot of older gay men who boast of tones of experience in the bedroom and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that sex with them would be hotter.

Another significant difference between a younger gay and an older gay is the fact that the latter have their life sorted out. While the entire gay relationship thing might be something new to a lot of them, they're financially sound and don’t have to worry about fulfilling the basic necessities. They have a stable job, made a couple of healthy investment and above all, know what is right for him and what isn't.

Changing the equation

Relationships between older and younger gay men are fun provided you know exactly what you're getting yourself into. Hooking up with an older guy only because he has more money wouldn’t be the best idea. On the contrary, take your time understanding the person and ensure you complement each other in every aspect. It is true that older men are extremely confident, which is certainly a turn on but getting into a relationship with him only for hotter sex and money wouldn’t be justified. Also, make sure the feeling is mutual before you take the next step.