Man Charged with Murder of Four Guys He Met on Gay Dating Sites

gay murderStephen Port, a 40-year old London man, was accused of the death of four guys he met on gay dating sites by giving feeding them an overdose quantity of GHB between June 2014 and September of 2015. The police found corpses at the same place, in Barking, East London.

The victims include – Anthony Walgate, a 23-year old college student from Barnet, UK, 22-year Gabriel Kovari old from Lewisham, a 25-year old Jack Taylor, who works as a nighttime duty branch-life motorist from Dagenham, and the last is a 21-year old aspiring chef from Gravesend, Kent named Daniel Whitworth.

All were discovered to have died from an overdose of GHB, which Port had supposedly given to them.

According to a report by Evening Standards:

Port wore a grey dress with a grey pullover fastened around his waist while he stood in the dock. Three prison wardens surrounded him side by side during the five-minute hearing. Bail was not an option for him.

Port’s case was adjourned for further hearing next Wednesday. Shlomo Kreiman, The Division judge, has redirected Port’s case to Bailey for trial.