Man Crunch Review

man crunchFrom the company that brought about Ashley Madison, Man Crunch is a hookup site especially for relationships between rich and successful gay men known as sugar daddies and younger and more attractive gay men known as Twinks. The site gained some publicity after an advertisement brawl with television network CBS and another female comedian. The site also has mobile applications that are available on Android and iOS platforms.


The Sign-up Process

Signing up is a rather standard process, where members are made to fill in details about themselves such as their email address and physical attributes. Due to the recent hacking scandal that this website suffered on their website, it's a good idea not to be too forward with your personal information if you are signing up, just in case there is another similar incident.

What are the members like?

A majority of the users are Twinks, and are generally in the age range of 18-30 years old. Most members here place an importance on staying discreet while using the site. The website screens each and every profile that signs up and ensure that meets their guidelines to ensure that the members are serious about online dating. There are a number of good-looking members with seemingly great personalities, so it seems that meeting the perfect hook-up is more than possible on this website. However, as always, practice discernment and do not give out private information including contact details to anyone.

Is it easy to meet people nearby?

With the mobile application, it can be easy to meet with people that are nearby in an instantaneous manner.While the website does have international users, they are mostly concentrated in the United States and Canada, so it might be somewhat difficult for users out of those countries to find a hook-up partner as readily.

Are there any fun features?

The site has a great recommendation and matching system that helps to pit your profile with other compatible members who you might not come across during your search online through their profile listings.

Are there any usage charges?

Joining as a member is free, but getting full membership functionality requires a fee of around US$40 for 1 month and US$29 per month for 3 months. The website does not have a refund policy, so do consider well before you decide to be a paying customer. Being a premium member allows you to send emails and chat messages to other members.