Gay Passions Review

gaypassions.comPart of the large Passions Network that runs numerous online dating niches sites, is a striking website that provides an adequate online gay dating experience. The website is riddled with advertisements, but there is lots to do here and interact with other gay men or even people from other parts of the network.


Special Features

The sign-in process is simple and requires email verification. In fact it is possible to connect or create an account using your Facebook account, which is not recommended, but good if you want to do away with the hassle of remembering different passwords. Once signed in, there is an opportunity to tap into other dating websites in the network.

The site appears cluttered but has much functionality. First and foremost, there is the ability to search using very detailed parameters, and also go on a check to see who’s online or the most popular member on the site. Groups are also part of the site, which can help instill a deeper sense of belonging.

Communication options include emailing, instant messaging, and commenting. If you’re feeling bored, heading down to the chatroom could be interesting. There are also numerous blog posts by members that provide insight into their thoughts. A forum is also part of the website, however it has not been active in recent times, with the last post being in 2014. It seems that the members have abandoned this site.

Those not inclined to reading will find the photos and videos gallery rather entertaining for a while, as they go through the different gay-centric videos posted there. Browse through gay games, books and other websites as well, or listen to a specialized niche podcast.

Quality of Members

While the website claims that it can provide access to about more than 10 million people, many of the profiles appear to be shell accounts. However, there are genuine members that can be reached out to, though it may take a while. Some members have taken the liberty to upload pictures of themselves, but those members are few and far between.

Membership Cost

To be a part of the Passions Network of different dating websites, and especially for GayPassions, a month fee of $4.95/month is required. This low price seems to be great especially since you will be able to tap in to a whole barrage of other websites.


If you are interested in tapping into a huge resource of members besides gays, then this website could be interesting for you since its price is very low as compared to many other gay dating sites out there. However, because of the poor quality of members from the website alone, it might be better to visit other sites.