What are all the arguments against gay marriages?

gay marriageHomosexuality wasn’t really an issue until people came up with the idea of making gay marriages legal. As a matter of fact, a majority of people across the globe weren’t aware of the idea of homosexuality until gay rights activists started propagating their agenda, asking local law making bodies to treat homosexuals at par with the rest of the population.

However, as people began to under the agenda behind these protests, they started accepting homosexuality as a legit sexual orientation. The first change was seen when the Netherlands made gay marriages legal in 2000. The trend gained pace in countries of the European Union and many countries followed the initiative made by the Netherlands.

As of January 2016, 15 countries across the globe have accepted same sex marriages with open arms. This means it isn't illegal when two persons of the same sex get married to each other. But why are same sex marriages illegal in 181 out of 196 countries? Here are some arguments against lesbian / gay marriages.

  • It cannot be considered a marriage: Marriage has always been considered as a covenant pack between two persons of the opposite sex, say man and woman. It is said that the promoters of same sex marriage promote something very different, which is against the convention. This completely against the biological, psychological and physiological that exist between a man and a woman. Besides, it also works against the primary purpose of marriage, which is continuation of the human race and raising children.
  • The child is denied of a parent, either father or mother: Children are supposed to be raised under the influence of both a father and a mother. This rule of nature has been confirmed by the sort of difficulties that children who are raised by single parents or foster parents face. This is the kind of situation that any child who has been adopted in the event of same sex marriage is likely to face. Therefore, it can be said that same sex marriage ignore the interests of a child.
  • Turning a moral wrong into a civil right: Same sex marriages are morally wrong and legalization of same sex marriages would turn this into a civil right. This is absolutely false as sexual behavior and race are very different things that don’t necessarily have any connection. There is nothing wrong with interracial marriages until it obeys the essential laws of nature. Same sex marriages ridicule the laws of nature.

With several studies showing a link between the make-up of the human brain and homosexuality, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that being gay is not a matter of choice. Rather, it is something given to us at the time of birth and the individual can do nothing about it.