Gay Dating Review

gay datingGay Dating has been on the internet since 2011, and has steadily risen to be a notable player in the online dating game. The website is primarily aimed at helping gay men find hook-ups for short-term dating, but they also market themselves as a site for long-term dating.

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The sign-up Process

It is fairly simple to sign up, and aside from choosing the usernameand keying a few details about your physical outlook and what kind of experiences you are looking for through the website. Other than that, the website is easy to use and relatively fuss-free, making it an excellent option for first-time online daters or those who just don't want to be boggled down by too many features.

What are the members like?

Many of the members are based in the United States, and Singapore, meaning that the website is great for you if you're based there. In any case, there are 500,000 members worldwide, so you are bound to find someone to interact with on the site. The members are varied and diverse, so meeting people from different cultures and lifestyles is not difficult.

Is it easy to meet people nearby?

It would generally be easy to meet someone if you stay in the areas where the majority of the members are located, but there might be a good chance that you can meet someone in other areas as well. However, the website does not have the instantaneous progression as compared to other websites, which might make meeting someone a longer process.

Are there any fun features?

Free members are able to upload 11 pictures of themselves and paying members can upload more. Search functions on this website are rather detailed, so you can search for members that are fit in your expectations and desires. Free members can show their interest in other members, but only premium members can send emails and chats to other members on the website. Other than the basics, there appear to be no other features on the website such as an online forum or a blog.

Are there any usage charges?

All members join as free standard members, but it is possible to upgrade to paid membership to access the premium features of the site. Pricing begins at US$24.99 per month, which can be considered rather high as compared to other sites.It's a good idea to test out the website as a free member first to test it and see if you would like to use the site further and be a paying customer to most the most of your experience from the website.

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