California couple killed Texas tycoon after being made his sole heir

California couple kill Texas gayA California couple have pleaded not guilty today in court to the charges that they ensnared a well-to-do Texas retiree into a gay relationship — then got the gay millionaire killed after he purportedly named his boy puppet his sole heir.

David Meza, aged 25, and Taylor Langston, age 20, were accused in the May slaying of Jake Merendino, age 52.

In accordance to a federal grand jury arraignment, Merendino and Meza met on a sugar daddy website in the year 2013, then Meza started a romantic sugar daddy relationship with the deceased. At the exact same time, Langston and Meza were also together in a long-term bond of their own — and Langston was however pregnant with child.

Merendino, the sugar daddy, was however slain after he finished escrow on an extravagance oceanfront condo in Baja California, Mexico.

Merendino and Meza leased a car on April 29 and drove towards Mexico to finish the condo transaction, according to the search permit affidavit. 2 days later, they went back to Baja — this time around, Merendino was driving a Range Rover while Meza followed in a motorcycle, as the authorities say.

The duos checked in a nearby hotel, Bobby’s by the Sea.

Merendino was last seen alive at about 1 a.m. on May 2 — he told the hotel security he was parting to assist a friend deserted on the road.

Authorities found the body of Merendino and his blood-soaked Range Rover in a gulley near a highway at 3:33 a.m. He was cut loads of times in the stomach and chest.

Langston and Meza crossed over to the United States in an hour of Merendino’s deceased body being found, says the authorities. The couple later went back to the guest house to collect their personal items from the room.

After the unlawful death, Meza began to claim that Merendino had written a fresh will on the hotel letterhead thereby identifying him as the one and only benefactor of the tycoon’s estate.

Langston told the detectives that during the weekend of Merendino’s death she went to Mexico to see a friend. But as agents got in touch with the friend, he indicated that he hadn’t seen Langston and Meza in more than 1 year — and the authorities have alleged that the couple had asked the friend to lie to the police if contacted.

Meza is now charged with foreign domestic or interstate violence which resulted in murder, plot to hinder justice, and construction of false declarations to federal officers.

Langston is also charged with plot to hinder justice, barricading justice and construction of false declarations.

If found guilty, Meza could use the remainder of his life in prison, meanwhile Langston could face years in prison.

Meza was however deprived of bond in the court, while Langston is going to be permitted to leave detention after posting $50,000 bond — because she is nursing her new baby.