Blued App Review

bluedBlued is one of the most popular apps for gay singles in China. However, with the growing popularity in the nation, the makers of this app have made it available in the United States too. Besides, the app would soon be available in various countries across the globe and have multilingual support. The app claims to have over 30 million registered users only from China and the number is expected to increase once the app launches in other parts of the globe. Although the platform is free to register with, it requires users to purchase credits in order to make the most of their membership.

Given the fact that the online gay dating segment has witnessed tremendous growth in the last few years, a lot of services came into existence. However, it is worth stating that Blued stands out from the crowd, thanks to its humongous membership base and a top notch set of features.


You'd be surprised to know that the Blued gay dating app isn't very different from its rivals. The user interface is very similar to other existing platforms and there is nothing significantly different in terms of features either. However, it is the charging system that makes this site cost-effective and is one of its main USPs. Some of the noteworthy features of the app are stated as under:

  • You start off with the conventional tradition of creating a comprehensive profile that includes adding your personal information as well as pictures.
  • It is only after your profile has been approved by the website admin, would you be able to make use of the features built in to the app.
  • Browse through profile and join groups. We were delighted to find tones of groups based on location as well as common interests.
  • Blued sports a unique GPS-based match finding system. All you need to do is place the pin at any part of the world map and you'd be able to view profiles from that region.
  • This is amongst the very few apps that allow users to upload large pictures. In addition to this, users can maintain albums and give access only to those whom they're interested in.
  • Blued takes communication to a completely new level with the introduction of audio messages, in addition to the conventional text and photo chat. In addition, you can also send emojis to other users and make your chat fun.
  • Advanced communication options give you the liberty of blocking users from any part of the app.

Subscription Options

Blued has completely done away with the traditional monthly subscription thing. Instead, users can purchase credits, which get depleted as they use the features built in to the app. Check out the credits below:

  • 42 bend beans: ¥6.00
  • 420 bend beans: ¥60.00
  • 686 bend beans: ¥98.00
  • 1106 bend beans: ¥158.00
  • 1386 bend beans: 198.00
  • 2086 bend beans: ¥298.00
  • 4116 bend beans: ¥588.00

While the prices might seem to be at the upper end of the spectrum, it is worth mentioning that you pay only for what you use. The subscription fee can be paid using your Apple ID or a credit card linked with your Play Store account.

Editor’s Verdict

Blued is certainly the most popular dating app for gay singles in China but unfortunately, it hasn’t witnessed success outside the Asian nation. Blued is a promising platform that has everything you'd want from a dating platform. It has been priced competitively, has a decent set of features that work exactly as advertised, and has a healthy membership base, at least in China.

We look forward to explore the international version of the Blued app once it is available for download once again. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it would pose a serious threat to the existing segment leader, Grindr.

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