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  • Gay Men Who Succeeded in Their Career Despite All Odds

    successful gay men

    If you're under the impression that people belonging to the LGBT community fail to succeed, fearing backlash from the society, you're absolutely wrong. Long before homosexuality was considered acceptable and same sex marriages were decriminalized, a lot of gay men showed the world that their sexual orientation had nothing to do with creativity and success. While they might not have revealed this during the early days... (Read More)

  • HIV / AIDS prevention – Safe Sex Tips for Gays

    HIV safe gay sex

    According to official statistics issued by the US census, men having sex with men represent about 2 percent of the American population. Nevertheless, this population is severely affected with HIV. According to the data released in 2010, men having sex with men accounted for 72 percent of new HIV cases... (Read More)

  • China has the world’s largest gay dating app – Blued

    China blued gay app

    You might be surprised to learn that China now has the world’s largest gay dating app in the world – in terms of subscriber base. At the time when people in the United States were facing a hard time to make same sex marriages legal, a Chinese national named Ma Baoli came up with the... (Read More)

  • Older Gay Men Vs Younger Gay Men – What’s the difference?

    older younger gay men

    With the American government legalizing same sex marriages, people from all age groups and walks of life have come together rejoicing this progressive decision. This has given people the impetus to come out in the open, without having to be ashamed about who they are. Gays, old and young have begun connecting on gay dating... (Read More)

  • What are all the arguments against gay marriages?

    gay marriage

    Homosexuality wasn’t really an issue until people came up with the idea of making gay marriages legal. As a matter of fact, a majority of people across the globe weren’t aware of the idea of homosexuality until gay rights activists started propagating their agenda, asking local law making bodies to treat homosexuals at par with... (Read More)

  • Mike Thompson (Sugar Bear) in fact Gay but also a Sugar Daddy?

    sugar bear

    “Honey Boo Boo’s” father has openly admitted on a recent episode of “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars” that he is in fact gay. Not only has Sugar Bear participated in sexting (texting of sexually explicit messages via cell phone), he even has dick pics and pics doing the deed on his phone.... (Read More)

  • Public Figures in Support of the LGBT Community

    LGBT community

    There have been many notable public figures in the support of the LGBT community whether as allies or coming out as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. Some of these people have been actors and actresses, musicians, athletes, politicians and even everyday folks with a wide reaching audience. These people have been brave to embrace themselves... (Read More)

  • How to tell if someone is straight, gay or bisexual?


    The stigma attached with homosexuality has forced a lot of people to conceal their sexual orientation. While things have certainly improved in countries where gay marriages have been legalized, the situation hasn’t improved in other nations where homosexuality is regarded as a crime. If you’re friends with someone and wish to take the relationship to... (Read More)

  • What is the toughest thing about being gay?


    In a society which considers homosexuality to be an illness, being gay is quite tough already. On top of this, the stigma attached to homosexuality, makes things tougher. There are various sections of the society that compare homosexuality as mere filth and an attempt to corrupt the fragile minds of Gen Z. According to a... (Read More)

  • Why So Many Good Looking Gay Men Want to Find a Gay Sugar Daddy

    gay sugar daddy

    A gay sugar daddy can be appealing to a number of gay men for a variety of reasons. The fact that there are no strings attached to the relationship is a sign that you can just go out there and have fun. A gay sugar daddy is someone that you can have fun vacations with... (Read More)

  • 5 Countries where same sex marriages are legal

    same sex marriage

    June 26, 2015 was a historic day in the history of the United States of America, with the Supreme Court legalizing gay marriages nationwide. This move by the Supreme Court has been recognized as a historic victory for the LGBT community that had strived to make these laws a reality. Here is a list of... (Read More)

  • Are people born gay or do they choose to be gay?

    born gay or choose to be gay

    There has been a loud roar from the LGBT community, asking local government bodies to legalize same sex relationships and marriages. While gay marriages have legalized this, much to the joy of the gay community, others still consider such marriages as against norms of nature and morally unthinkable. What does science say about homosexuality and... (Read More)

  • How to Deal the Friendship between Lesbian Women and Gay Men

    lesbian gay friendship

    If you ask if there’s a natural attraction between gay women and gay men, some people think that there is while some think there is not. The bubbly gay friends have turn out to be something of a staple in TV and movie. The truth goes way beyond that, lots of gay men count gay... (Read More)

  • California couple kill Texas gay once he made his gay partner his sole heir

    California couple kill Texas gay

    A California couple have pleaded not guilty today in court to the charges that they ensnared a well-to-do Texas retiree into a gay relationship — then got the gay millionaire killed after he purportedly named his boy puppet his sole heir. David Meza, aged 25, and Taylor Langston, age 20, were accused in the May... (Read More)

  • Man Charged with Murder of Four Guys He Met on Gay Dating Sites

    gay murder

    Stephen Port, a 40-year old London man, was accused of the death of four guys he met on gay dating sites by giving feeding them an overdose quantity of GHB between June 2014 and September of 2015. The police found corpses at the same place, in Barking, East London. The victims include – Anthony Walgate... (Read More)