All Male Review

allmale.comA straightforward male dating website, presents a simplified version of online dating for gay and bisexual men in a nice and modern interface. Its lack of a whole barrage of features means that there is a strong focus in searches and communication amongst members that make this site fun.

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Special Features

With a very simple sign-in process, getting started on is easy. After keying in the email, users are then prompted to enter their personal details for their profile. Email verification is required for any access to the website at all. Only email messaging is available on the website, but this can be done in real-time, which makes it a great substitute for instant messaging (essentially it is a dual function communication feature).

Interests are the key search parameter here, as the site tries to move away from single-minded sexual pursuits and go into more It is also possible for members to give very detailed information on the type of people that they want to hook-up, date or have a relationship with. This is a great feature especially for gay men who know what they want. If you are interested in a certain member, following them is possible so you can keep up to date on their lives as long as they themselves update their profile as well.

Quality of Members

The members on this website are all very varied, and come from different walks of life and geographical locations even. Based on a cursory look of the member profile pictures, the average member appears to be middle aged, so this would be suitable for people from the same age group or who are interested in that age group. However, after a more thorough search, it appears that most of the members are concentrated in the United States, which might make this more suitable for users in that country and less for international users.

Membership Cost

Joining the website and using its full features is entirely free, which is a great boon for this website. Despite this, it is possible to put in some money to make your account appear more prominently in searches, which can help increase the chances of meeting someone new online every day. This is done through the purchase of ‘coins’. On the other hand, the coins can be earned through daily activities such as logging in on a daily basis as well, ultimately allowing this site to be used for free.


If you’re looking for a user-friendly and fast loading gay dating website that is no-frill, try The site can be accessed for free currently, so take advantage of that today. However, do not expect an extremely diversified pool of members here.

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